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Movies Like This is about the movies. Beyond typical movie genres (way beyond simple lists of "comedy movies," "dramas," "action films," etc.), groups of films, lists of movies, to help you find something perfect for you.

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San Francisco Movie List
- The Princess Diaries
- The Graduate
- Dr. Doolittle
- Dopemine
- The Wedding Planner
- So I Married An Axe Murderer
- More movies about San Francisco

Soccer Movie List
- Kicking And Screaming
- She's The Man
- Shaolin Soccer
- Goal: The Dream Begins
- Once In A Lifetime
- A Shot At Glory
- More movies about Soccer

Dinosaur Movie List
- Prehysteria
- The Flintstones
- Jurassic Park
- The Land Before Time
- Toy Story
- Baby...Secret Of The Lost Legend
- More movies about Dinosaurs

Rockstar Movie List
- Almost Famous
- School Of Rock
- Velvet Goldmine
- This Is Spinal Tap
- Selena: Greatest Hits
- Wayne's World
- More movies about Rock Stars

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Movies Like This:

[Cinderella Man]

Find more movies like Cinderella Man in our Boxing movies list:

- Rocky
- Annapolis
- Ali
- Raging Bull
- Snake Eyes
- When We Were Kings
- More movies about Boxing

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